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Thought Leadership

We make sure that we identify the issues and accommodate our clients’ unique requirements. Rogue Data has a rich, 20 year track record of providing services and solutions to a wide range of governments and private sector industries.

The capabilities we bring to the table to craft your solution sets Rogue Data apart from professional services companies or traditional software solution providers.

We develop strategies for government and private organizations to:

  • Manage multiple touch-points in environments characterized by disparate systems or silo-ed systems.
  • Alleviate pressure on individual agencies or departments to present a unified view to the public or clients and share best practices
  • Interact with other departments and Government organisations using processes which extend beyond traditional boundaries
  • Enable greater interaction between citizens and public servants
  • Meet requirements to protect privacy and implement security controls for the management and storage of sensitive information
  • Meet demand for operational efficiency by automating highly manual front-line processes
  • Respond quickly to constant change
  • Leverage existing IT legacy systems to deliver services in the absence of funds for new investment

The greatest challenge of all, however, is how to re-engineer processes to enable movement towards a new client or citizen-centric service delivery offering without enormous cost and without the upheaval associated with replacing or changing existing infrastructure.

We provide managed services, software systems and management consulting services ranging from including income support systems, supply chain procurement to supporting transportation and customs logistics systems and software for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Rogue innovation delivers a wide range of user interfaces and integration capabilities in highly distributed service delivery environments.We provide electronic solutions that help your organization improve the speed and quality of services to your clients. While every organization is unique, with distinct processes, rules, policies and procedures, each has a common need to send, receive, process, approve/collaborate and exchange business information in a structured, meaningful way.

The RDC Delivery Framework aligns with how you do business.

  • Simple interfaces for front-line workers
  • Rules Validation for high quality service and compliance with policies and procedures
  • Manager and Executive authorizations
  • Reporting and advanced analytic capabilities
  • Work-flow and EDI or XML standards compliance
  • Printable forms, automated filing systems, document management
  • Ability to work ‘off-line’

Our innovation comes from the ability to distill workflow into discreet elements common to all program, operation and service delivery processes. This allows for rapid, precise design and implementation.

  • RAD methods for high quality implementation (GUI, Data tier, messaging)
  • Multiple work-flows and processes operation via a common interface
  • Low implementation risk based on the RDC Deployment Framework

RDC Delivery Framework integrates with your existing software and IT infrastructure investments in a variety of ways, depending on the scale and scope of your requirements. With a range of embedded security features, it is able to function within your network reality and degree of site centralization or distribution.

  • Application integration and data conversion
  • High Latency / Low Bandwidth Communication enabled
  • Embedded Public Key Infrastructure with digital signatures
  • EDI and XML compliance
  • Full data ownership
  • Monitored, Hosted SOA with full Help Desk support

Contact us for more information on how the RDC Delivery Framework might work for you.