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Supply Chain and Procurement

We provide supply chain and procurement support systems for several industries. Our clients have included several departments with the Federal Government of Canada as well as Canada’s transportation and healthcare industries. We have provided advice to major multinationals including Thomson Reuters and others.

For example, hospitals and health care suppliers across Ontario, including Canada‚Äôs largest hospital St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto have used us to exchange over $2 million per month in supply chain transactions (requisitions, purchases orders, and invoices).

Over the years, Rogue Requisitioning services over 1000 nurses and clinicians, providing fully authorized and controlled interaction with distributed ERP systems across several hospitals, including University Healthcare Network, Mt. Sinai Hospital as well as the Sunnybrook Campuses in the GTA.

We support a wide range of procurement messaging standards including:

  • 832 Prices/Sales Catalogue
  • 836 Procurement Notices
  • 843 Response to Request for Quotation
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 Advance Shipping Notice
  • 865 PO Change Acknowledgement/Request
  • 810 Invoice

Interoperable supply chain management (iSCM) system for local health information networks is proven in production. Rogue recommendations were adopted as the business case to the Ontario government for infrastructure upgrades across the Eastern Champlain LHIN.

Rogue Program Delivery provides a tendering framework for bid solicitation, bid receiving and bid evaluation modules that may be applied to any procurement workflow. Please contact us for a demonstration of our EDI compliant tendering and billings services.

Rogue Data Corporation is a member of GS-1 and supports interaction through TELUS and Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX).
Working in cooperation with home care service providers, Rogue Data Corporation is also a licensed InterRAI member.