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Income Support and Social Assistance

Effective December 1, 2017, the Rogue Data income support system helps the Government of Nunavut service all communities across the Canadian high arctic with critical income support and financial services:

  • Automated social assistance calculations for needs, benefits, income and asset determinations as well as financial support options.
  • A wide range of services in full compliance with jurisdictional rules, policies and programs.
  • Intuitive, icon driven decision making, allowing income support workers to concentrate client service with fast, efficient processing based on the clients history and case.
  • Provisioning of cheques or electronic funds transfer with full integration into corporate or centralized public financial systems as well as feeds with banks for reporting and reconciliation.
  • Dynamic assessments based on federal or provincial rules that define household entitlements.
  • Scheduling, intake and a full range of customizable eligibility, decision making and payment processing.
  • Ability to operate both on and offline, depending on remoteness of income support offices or staff.

The RDC Income Support system provides case management, notes, alerts, and scheduling through various stages in a client’s program continuum. System includes personal data records, audit trails, program intake, monthly application management, eligibility assessments, approvals, and outcome management. Income support workers are able to assess clients and issue MICR compliant cheques. This service is integrated with Public Works, CRA and the Royal Bank – systems that exchange information with the core public income support system. As part of Rogue Data’s managed service offering, the system is hosted in Ottawa in our tier 1 data center.

The RDC Deployment Framework was configured to provide an integrated approach to outcome management that allows the combinations of services and benefits to be managed across multiple programs to achieve a sustainable client outcome. It is an integrated system with feeds from various federal programs such as Senior Citizen Supplemental benefits and National Child Benefit supplements that influence income calculations.

Rogue Data has developed and pioneered use of the Structured Message Exchange in Canadian high arctic, where network communication is satellite based (with high latency and low bandwidth) and subject to frequent interruptions due to adverse weather conditions or solar flares. Communities are vast distances apart without road ways or conventional internet infrastructure. The system is able to deliver social assistance programs to remote clients through a unique and secure messaging capability. Isolated communities can interact with centralized government services, regardless of network conditions and continue to service local clients, even when the network is down.

The RDC Income Support System can be configured to support the unique social assistance rules for any municipality or jurisdiction. Contact us for a turn-key demonstration of income support modules and services.