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Customs and Transportation

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is the hub for all of the electronic commerce for crossing the border to and from Canada. Rogue Data implemented an engine that drives that process. The Rogue Structured Message Exchange (SMX) infrastructure is licensed to the Canada Border Services Agency for translation, validation and routing of electronic customs declarations and releases.


Over 500,000 transactions are processed daily valued at over $1 billion / day on behalf of over 6,000 global trading partners worldwide. Our systems are undergoing renewal in close cooperation with CBSA in anticipation of E-Manifest.


Rogue Data also provides its own PKI secured transaction communication software for use by customs brokers with the Canada Border Service Agency under its ‘CustomsNet’ Customs Internet Gateway (CIG). For more information, please visit www.customsnet.ca.


We host solutions for transportation companies to transact with major suppliers. Finally, the same Structured Message Exchange (SMX) used by hospitals, is also used in conjunction with the Rogue Workbench to support the trucking industry for electronic tendering and ordering of transportation services. We provide EDI capabilities for trucking companies to confirm conveyance availability to its major clients.


We work with providers to ParaTranspoTM to assist with electronic coordination of taxi transportation services for people with disabilities in cooperation with Westway Taxi of Ottawa.


Contact us for more information on various ANSI X12, EDIFACT and CADEX messaging standards we are able to support.