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RDC Workbench Module

The Workbench is our unique user GUI that creates, actions, sends or receives electronic documents as defined by your program or service. Managers and frontline workers process documents (print, review, sign, etc.) and exchange them for approval. It is currently used to support customs import documents, requisitions, travel requests, police background checks, supply chain and other workflows… workflow for any vendor or industry, regardless of standard, can be managed concurrently through a single interface!

Work is sent, received, exchanged and archived. Multiple operations can be processed through a single instance of the Workbench. The workbench operates like an e-mail system for structured data such as EDI or XML messages.

It can also be accessed via web browser, tablet or mobile device. Online forms can be exchanged with the Workbench, providing system users with a secure, rules driven workflow ‘hub’

The RDC Workbench enables customizable electronic workflow. Client ‘plug-ins’ reflect your workflow and be integrated with unique ERP API’s or structured messages (e.g. such as SAP idoc or FreeBalance financial transactions):

  • send, receive and view structured data as ‘easy-to-action’ electronic forms
  • file work-in-progress for easy access, collaboration and processing
  • request approval based on your delegation authorities and monetary thresholds
  • access case management or product histories as well a standard and custom reports
  • allow front line workers to preview and printĀ formatted, official documents (including MICR cheques) with logos and control numbers
  • manage and inventory official documents
  • view and print reports, case files and audits
  • route, schedule, reassign or share work
  • assign or remove users

It standardizes the ‘look-and-feel’ access across programs, facilitating change management and training of staff. Users can access multiple programs with different rules and forms. The user interface through which events are viewed includes a virtual filing system, work list to view and open specific ‘forms’ and a custom query message center.The Workbench is tailored to accommodate your specific processes and can be used to update or supplement existing investments in ERP or aligned with embedded manufacturing software (e.g. G-code).

Information is stored both locally and centrally, allowing for operation both on or off line. Unlike traditional web servers, both the originator and receiver have equal access to common data. Rules are updated remotely so that users are always up-to-date.

Workbench functionality enjoyed by RDC clients include:

  • E-Manifest and other CBSA customs transactions
  • RCMP CPIC and PIP queries based on Versadex RMS API’s
  • Financial approvals for travel, requisitioning and other corporate activities tied to expenditures
  • Bid solicitation, evaluation and award
  • Micro tenders for transportation services
  • Income support, social assistance and other cash management programs
  • Risk management and OHS claims processing