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Managed Hosted Services

We can host and support your software and data exchange needs. The Structured Message Exchange (SMX) is our core ‘managed’ service offering. The SMX code generator dynamically outputs, then creates interfaces that can be tailored to your specific business. The RDC Workbench and Server interact via SMX located in our Tier 3 data centre. As our hosted ‘Cloud’ offering, SMX manages the routing, validation, conversion, translation of transactions between systems. This service is used by the Government of Nunavut to support several programs, the Ottawa Police Service, St. Michael’s Hospital, and others.

  • Reduce Daily Operation and Support: SMX helps our clients overcome trouble shooting, significant technical issues or challenges around geographically disbursed systems.
  • Outsourcing: The SMX is a good fit for organizations or companies that might not have the in-house expertise, but have the same system need as a much larger company that would have a development environment or development group in shop or in-house.
  • Monitored and Secure: Our messaging architecture allows our clients to securely and without any reticence around communication instability, exchange work-flow and transactions to support their programs in a way that is fully monitored and tracked as the work is happening.
  • Help Desk Services: Clients rely on our dedicated help desk service during regular business hours.

Structured Message Exchange