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Enterprise Server Module

The Rogue Server integrates with the Rogue Workbench and bridges secure communications in-house or external systems.

The Enterprise server is well suited for:

  • Configurable Server Side Business Logic and Analytics
  • Transformation of transactional data processed by the RDC Workbench
  • Secure Communication (Asynchronous & Synchronous)
  • Unification of diverse operational silos
  • Corporate Repository Database
  • Servicing distributed sites with multiple service delivery points
  • Operations in remote and isolated locations who lack reliable networks, access to core systems or who are required to operate off-line.
  • Structured date exchange with a self-contained EDI and XML conversion and translation engine
  • PKI Certificate Authority and User Management Security

In conjunction with the Rogue Workbench, client get ERP level functionality without the overhead of an ERP system.

The Rogue Server manages complex data conversion, validation and routing to and from external systems. This keeps the interfaces for users simple. All interactions are monitored, and if there are issues, the Enterprise server remotely manages any issues that may emerge in the course of day-to-day operations.

The Enterprise Server can be licensed for in-house operation or accessed via the Rogue Structured Message Exchange (SMX) service.

Our services and software include a full PKI capability and products. We support AS2 to exchange secure information over the internet.