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RDC Software Modules

Instead of expensive ‘made to order’ code or time consuming ERP module configuration, RDC delivers precisely what your enterprise will need.

RDC Software Modules represent a unique ‘made-in-Canada’ development environment that delivers world-class systems with a customized look and feel:

  • Dynamically generates end-user interfaces, forms and analytic reports and dashboards based on business rules.
  • Workflow optimization that makes your organization more effective at delivering mission critical services across the enterprise and directly to your clients.
  • Dynamic code generation based on your workflow, industry standards or integration requirements.
  • Lean and secure productivity improvement.

Once deployed, RDC software components become the production infrastructure for processing your workflow. Compliance with your organization’s unique needs is accomplished using ‘electronic business agents’ or EBAs. An EBA is a specialized RDC plug-in that assigns your specific rules to RDC software modules.

Our innovation is our message-based architecture which allows the Rogue Workbench and SMX to operate as a seamless, service or program delivery system.

Get the reliability associated with “Commercial off the Shelf” (COTS) software, but with the custom feel and fit of a built-to order ERP solution. We provide our clients with highly scalable enterprise solutions that meet unique requirements:

  • Ease of use for front-line workers, tailored to how you do business or deliver programs
  • Complete operational control over daily events conducted by front line workers
  • Access to detailed or aggregated information
  • Speed of implementation
  • Compliance with EDI, XML or other proprietary standards (essential for workflow and external system integration)
  • Monitored, hosted or managed services (based on your organization business model and capacity)
  • Full data ownership
  • Ability to work off line  or in low latency environments
  • Security
  • Deliver multiple programs through a common Interface

Features include policy/procedural validation, electronic and printed forms management as well as fully integrated approvals that include digital signatures and delegation enforcement. Data cascades across processes and applications, assessments and approvals – minimizing the rekey of mission critical data and reducing dependence on external tracking systems or spread sheets.


The setup and configuration of the RDC Deployment Framework includes:

  • System rules
  • Workflows
  • Reference data
  • Parameters and validation
  • Document setup, preview and printing
  • Page configurations
  • Case management and reporting
  • Users
  • Offices and distribution or remote locations
  • Agent configurations for use within RDC’s EDI and XML compliance mapping layer


For a demonstration, please contact us.