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What’s in a Name?

Named after every client’s nemesis, we tame ‘rogue data’!

Drawing from the dictionary:

rogue {rg} adjective … maverick: acting independently.

Rogue Data is all about helping clients gain control over information that is vital to improving performance. Gain control over information created in the course of day-to-day work – ‘rogue’ data that would otherwise be lost and out of your control.

At the same time, we help our clients think ‘outside-of-the-box’, moving beyond the conventional use of software to streamline front-line operations. Producing results while making life easier, faster and simpler for front-line workers is fundamental to your success.

Rogue Data Corporation uses solutions developed by the Company to implement advanced capabilities that harness ‘rogue data’ while accommodating the diversity we all know exists across various industries! Our software, managed tier 3 data services and unique methodology help you harness, tame, then process rogue data based on how you need to improve performance.